SD𝓡EAM is collaborative project by music producer and conceptual artist Manuel Spornberger and digital artist and designer Tobias Raschbacher


VR Album Release
Everyday from 16–22h
Plastic Dreams
Löschenkohlgasse 7, 1150 Wien

6 Tracks – 6 Virtual Worlds

Download the tracks (password protected):

SD𝓡EAM is a hybrid world-running project which refers to
a) three articulations of cosmic creativity: scream, dream and fluid movement
b) three fundamental relationships thereof:
1. between the future and the present
2. between virtuality and fertility
3. between the imagination and life itself

These overlapping entanglements or circuits are understood as the feedback loop of creation, which needs to be continuously bound together in co-creative practice to remake worlds, i.e. organisms, ecosystems, socio-political arrangements, webs of meanings, hyper-bodies, planets etc.

On a future horizon characterised by the simultaneous intensification of ecological collapse and the emergence of pseudo-natural virtualities (imaginary systems and practices which seek to eradicate their foundational entanglements with the fertility of the soil i.e. cannibalist capitalism, metaversal pseudo-transcendence), the project seeks to contribute to a rewilding and radicalisation (in the down-to-Earth-sense) of the collective imagination in service of urgent reconfigurations in modes of experiencing and relating between and beyond reconfigurations on actual landscapes of ecologies, dreams, bodies, actual and virtual infrastructure, immersive art and beyond., ourselves, energy infrastructure and digital art.

Six audio-visual worlds explore the frontiers and limitations of virtual photosynthesis i.e. the solar-terrestrial imagination as a means to construct, implant and cultivate quasi-infinitely renewable devices for repopulating the futures-landscape with ideas and practices for catalyzing possibility, creative collaboration and regeneration, not in the virtual, but in the actual world.